#ourCOG official hashtag movement #ourCOG

#ourCOG #ourCOG official hashtag movement

This is the official archive of the #ourcog hashtag grass-root movement for change and equity 

It was the 2009 humble effort of a few internet enthusiasts to create the #ourCOG web initiative as foundation for a social media platform where ideas could be freely exchanged with prayer and supplication for one another. Now, three years later, as this vision has been realized and embraced internationally, its power for transformation and transparency will continue to reconnect local communities around the globe. And for this we are forever grateful…

Why I’m Pentecostal: The Background #ourCOG

#ourCOG Why I’m Pentecostal: The Background

Other than the blazing light and literal blindness, my introduction to God came as something of a Damascus kitchen experience. God broke in when I bolted the door shut. I realized early that God wasn’t through being involved in His creation.

That doesn’t mean I had plans for anything more. I knew so little of the Bible then that the idea of speaking in tongues had no room in my growing understanding of faith. Even when I read those sections, I simply wrote them off as something that happened “back then.” Funny how we add an internal commentary to the Bible that dictates our approach.

I’ve often heard that Pentecostalism is stained by emotionalism—and I would plead somewhat guilty. Our emotions help us experience God, after all. We grasp at His complete uniqueness, His ridiculous power, and we can’t help but be smacked with a river of emotion. It’s a Continue reading Why I’m Pentecostal: The Background #ourCOG

Inside the Ministry Update May 8, 2012 #ourCOG

#ourCOG Inside the Ministry Update May 8, 2012

31 Days of Blessing and Favor – Many Answered Prayers!
Pastor Mark Casto ministering Tuesdays at the Extreme Cleveland
Summer Prophetic Encounter July 19th-22nd in Louisville, KY
Northeast Hebraic Prophetic Conference Aug 1st-5th in Huntington, WV
The “Main Event” Fall Campmeeting Oct 9th-13th in Hixon, TN
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Summer Campmeeting Schedule Released #ourCOG

#ourCOG Summer Campmeeting Schedule Released

The official schedule of the annual summertime Church of God tradition of campmeeting has been released by the International Executive Committee. A total of 52 state and regional meetings will take place, including gatherings in Canadian and Hispanic regions. The meetings begin as early as the last week of April and conclude with the second […] Continue reading Summer Campmeeting Schedule Released #ourCOG

Chapter 7: People of Jewish Background and Jewish Affinity #ourCOG

#ourCOG Chapter 7: People of Jewish Background and Jewish Affinity

Most of this report has focused on the characteristics, attitudes and experiences of the U.S. Jewish population, defined as Jews by religion and Jews of no religion. The survey also interviewed people who have a connection to Jews or Judaism but who have not been categorized as Jewish in this report. These respondents have been […] Continue reading Chapter 7: People of Jewish Background and Jewish Affinity #ourCOG