Tips for Staving Off Muffin Tops This Thanksgiving #ourCOG

#ourCOG Tips for Staving Off Muffin Tops This Thanksgiving

Tips for Staving Off Muffin Tops This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is around the corner.  And, that means heavy culinary artillery…more firepower than your taste buds can resist!  So, don’t resist.  But, DO have a plan so you don’t do what most Americans do, which is an average 4,300 calories on Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving dinner

Let me help:

1. Drink water.  Ditch the sweet tea and sugary drinks.  Water fills you up and keeps you hydrated.  Plus, cold water actually incinerates calories as your body works overtime to warm itself.

2. Pile on the legit vegetables. That doesn’t mean friend green bean casserole or candied yams!  Good vegetables are low in calories and filling.  Eat them first so you don’t stuff yourself on the buttery, fat, and carbohydrate-icized goodness!

3. Aim for the lean meats. Instead of slamming the honey baked ham, eat the Turkey breast (skinless).  It’s really hard to go overboard on lean turkey meat.  It’s low cal and high protein.  That means it’s filling and better for muscle repair than Popeye’s spinach (who said spinach gives you good muscles?!  crackheads…don’t think it’s true!

4. When it comes to the naughty stuff, think portion control.  By all means, try the sweet potato casserole.  But, if it’s Paula Dean inspired creator used a few sticks of butter in it’s making, keep the portion small.

5. Enjoy your family.  Take your face out of your plate and talk.  Thanksgiving is a perfect time to talk, tell stories, and enjoy family.  The more laughing and talking you do, the less damage you’re going to do with your fork!  So, laugh a little!

6. Take a pre-emptive strike by a little Pre-thanksgiving meal exercise assault.  The truth is, I’m not going to be a calorie hawk on Thanksgiving (but, I will track what I eat).  I generally eat about 2,100 calories per day.  Thanksgiving, I will up my caloric intake.  But, I’m rolling out early for a 25-30 mile bike ride.  I love cycling.  I love eating.  On thanksgiving, I’ll burn 2,000 calories before the main event.  In essence, you could say, I’m going to ride to eat…a sneak assault, a pre-emptive strike on the Thanksgiving Smorgasbord!

And, that’s it!  If you can’t pull that off, break out a pair of stretchy pants and a bib and go for it!

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy!

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