To understand The Doctrine of the Trinity We must first… #ourCOG

#ourCOG To understand The Doctrine of the Trinity We must first…

To understand The Doctrine of the Trinity We must first…

To understand The Doctrine of the Trinity We must first review the Attributes of God

He is omnipresent…. exists in all places at the same time with no limitation

He is Immanent, He is Transcendent, He is Immutable, He is not limited by time or space…

So if we apply these attributes it doesn’t make sense that God will first be The Creator Father and then change mode to become the Son but stop being the Father to then change mode and become the Spirit and stop being the Son and Father…how can Jesus be in heaven and on Earth at the same time and be the same? Jesus answered that…. “Our Father who art in Heaven”……yet Jesus was here on Earth teaching the disciples and He refered always to His Father…

Instead we can observe that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit whom are persons of the One only God have the same attributes. All three can continue to exist simultaneously.

For instance…. in science there is a point where matter of elements is so unstable that it can be solid, gas and liquid at once. It is called point Zero or
ZPE…. this happens at a temperature that is zero, both hot and cold at the same time.

A good example is when liquid nitrogen freezes anything it touches instantly.


The doctrine of the Trinity of the One God can be understood more like H2O

It can be liquid, Let’s call that the Father
Solid…. let’s call that the Son
And gas… let’s call that the Spirit.

Different states but the same H2O,

Yet that is not what we see in Scripture exactly because they all exist at once. We see that all three exist at the same time and have the same attributes of transcendence and immutability.

God exists in that “ZPE”He is all at once and that is why all keep the same attributes. ( I am not saying God is matter, just using this reality of elements to illustrate a way of understanding the Trinity)

Scripture says that God does not change, so the idea of taking different modalities contradicts Scripture

Malachi 3:6
Numbers 23:19
Isaiah 57:15
James 1:17
Hebrews 13:8
Psalms 102:25-27
Isaiah 40:28
1 Tim 1:17
1 Peter 1:3
Job 23:18
Rev 1:8 etc

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