1SLAM’S MOST EFFECTIVE MARKETING STRATEGY – Use Jesus and the Bible…not M0hammad or Qur’an

1. M0hammad is not marketable – His questionable self-appointed status as a prophet makes it hard for people to accept Him as a true prophet of God. His personality, character, his deeds and his mode of ministry makes him the exception among all other prophets/messengers of God. His atrocious acts make him very unpopular among non-Muslims, both religious and non-religious. In fact, Islamists’ history try so hard to cover up the atrocious acts of M0hammed.

2. Jesus is Universally Accepted – Among religious and non-religious people, Jesus is seen as the complete example of a perfect man. The world revolves around Jesus. The world calender system revolves around Him, AD and BC. “For Christ’s sake”, is an expression used to urge people to do good. These facts make Jesus very Marketable

3. The Bible is Universally Used and vouched for by both Qur’an & M0hammad – Many countries use the Bible as the foundation of their constitutions. Many religions refer to the Bible to gain authenticity. In fact, some religions copied and edited Bible Apocrypha to create their Books.

4. Islamists’ Strategy – Islamists’ scholars are very much aware of these facts. They know they can’t sell M0hammed to non-M0slems, so they scheme:

a. Let’s say that Jesus is a M0slem.
b. Let’s say that all the prophets are M0slems.
c. Let’s say that everyone was born a M0slem.
d. Let’s say that even Moses prophesied about the coming of M0hammed (Deuteronomy 18:15,18)
e. Let’s say that M0hammed is the Comforter Jesus promised in John 14 and 16.
f. By using Jesus and the Bible, we can easily sell Islamism to un-discerning non-M0slems.

Conclusion – M0slems cannot market Islamism using M0hammed. They have to use Jesus and the Bible and they desperately want everyone to believe them.

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