To Drink or NOT To Drink.. that IS the question!

  I grew up in a denomination that adamantly preached to abstain from ANY alcoholic beverages. I always heard from the pulpits, that people, who engaged in drinking alcoholic beverages, were drunkards. I even am told that before I was born that people of my denomination preached against even entertaining the idea of going to […]

One thought on “To Drink or NOT To Drink.. that IS the question!

  1. I grew up in Cleveland,Tn. and became a member of The Church of God and they were very strong against drinking anything with alcohol. I think it was a good thing while I was young to have limits placed upon my behaviour. I now have gone through a long life without drinking. At the same time I have been able to observe other denominations who have said little or nothing about drinking and they don’t seem to have a problem, at least no more than a one percent problem thus I wonder if a little less legalism and more guidance after fellowship has begun wouldn’t have been more effective ?

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